Studio Q 360

Welcome to the Studio Q 360 massage therapy clinic in Adel, Iowa.

TriBanner_200x650Studio Q 360 was founded to help residents in the Des Moines metro and surrounding areas through the healing touch of massage to focus on their health.

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you struggle with fatigue? Is a chronic condition or set of symptoms taking over your life? Are stress or tension part of your daily life?

Massage therapy directly affects the structure and functions of the human body by increasing circulation of blood and lymph fluids, stretching muscle fibers, loosening scar tissue, and increasing joint mobility.

Licensed Massage Therapist Katrina Brocka combines Western and Eastern massage techniques with soothing music to create a relaxed and therapeutic environment. Massage can treat a wide variety of conditions and symptoms. Ask me about a treatment plan that is right for you. Every massage is unique and customized to your needs.

Katrina states, “I believe massage is the gateway to improved health and wellness.  I have experienced first hand how massage enhances health and aids the body’s natural ability to heal itself.  The human body and its wide array of functions amazes me- I have a great respect for all it does everyday. I am happy to share my love and knowledge of massage with my clients.”

Why Choose Studio Q 360?

You deserve to live a pain-free and relaxed life. Licensed Massage Therapist Katrina Brocka has been able to help clients achieve this important goal.

If you’re new to massage or haven’t experienced the results you want, give me a call and experience the difference.

Book your Studio Q 360 massage today! Call 515.689.4754