Accomplish Your Dreams with Massage

Before each appointment I ask my clients, “what is your goal for the massage today?” Most answer “Relaxation”.

Relaxation is a broad category that often creates a misunderstanding, leading to a lackluster experience for the client.

For some, relaxation means “I want to fall asleep for an hour.” For others, it is shorthand meaning, “I want to stop hurting.” Other massage therapists may cause pain which has lead to clients stating “relaxation” as the goal in an attempt to lighten the pressure or avoid deep tissue work.

For this LMT, relaxation is a byproduct of every massage- the restoration of equilibrium following disturbance. I do not subscribe to causing my clients pain. I subscribe to helping my clients achieve their dreams.

At Studio Q 360, the goal for your massage is viewed as a stepping stone towards self realization. When clients consider massage to be therapy, not a spa treatment, massage can open doors to personal wellness you may not have considered before.

Take a moment to think about your body. If pain were no object, would you climb a mountain? Would you ride RAGBRAI? Would you play tennis again? Would you learn to ballroom dance? Think about how your muscles are holding you back from these dreams.

Whatever is holding you back, these become the goals for your massage session:

I want to lift my arm above my head.
I want to sleep better and be less irritable.
I want to move gracefully.
I want to avoid carpal tunnel surgery.
I want to feel more active and less medicated.
I want to run again.

Massage Therapy is a key to accomplishing your dreams, and each session is one of the step closer to saying goodbye to your physical limitations. Call Studio Q 360 today!