Massage or Cortisone Shot: Not Both

If you receive a Cortisone (or corticosteroid) shot, you cannot receive a massage from Studio Q 360 for 6 weeks following the injection.

At Studio Q 360, your health and well being are my top priorities. As a licensed healthcare provider, it is my responsibility to first do no harm. That is why I have chosen to be cautious with regards to Cortisone Shots.

  • Cortisone shots cause the muscle to atrophy, or waste away, for 1-6 months following each injection. (Yes, months.)
  • Massage during the first 6 weeks following each shot may further harm your muscles and create painful side effects.
  • Patrons of Studio Q 360 are required to note any cortisone injections on massage intake paperwork.

You are welcome to continue massage therapy with Studio Q 360 after each 6-week injection window.

If you have any questions regarding the Studio Q 360 Cortisone Interaction Policy, please call Katrina Brocka, LMT at (515) 689-4754.

Cortisone Shot Research

Pain management with Cortisone Shots is a hot button issue. Many scientific studies show support both for, and against, repeat injections.

That is why it is always in your best interest to research suggested medications before you begin treatment. I encourage clients to discuss pain management treatments with your medical team, and perform your own scholarly research. Below is a synopsis of information I found for those who want a starting point.

There was once a lifetime limit on the number of cortisone shots due to the damaged they cause.

Did you know that studies have shown you are 50% less likely to recover from an injury if you get a cortisone shot to manage pain?

When a muscle atrophies, that means the cells degenerate which leads the individual muscle fibers to collapse. Once that happens, fibers can never rebound. Muscle fibers, like rope, bind together to form muscle bundles, which then bind together to form a muscle, like the bicep. If enough fibers collapse, the bundle collapses. This can cause the fibers to get hard, like guitar strings. If enough bundles collapse, so can the entire muscle. Cellular degeneration effects muscles, tendons, ligaments, connective tissue and bones, not just the injection site. This cycle perpetuates with each cortisone shot received, so instead of repairing the injury, it makes it worse.

In fact, you are 50% more likely to require surgery due to the damage caused to the injected muscle, associate muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones following repeat injections.

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