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Music and Massage Therapy

Research shows that music has a great impact on massage therapy. The right music can relax the client’s mind, allowing the body to follow. The relaxed muscle tissue is then more responsive to therapeutic touch which helps achieve the client’s goals of stress reduction and pain relief. The wrong music in contrast can cause the client to become agitated, feeding anxiety. The result is tense, stubborn tissue and a lackluster massage. But what is the right kind of music for you? “What people say soothes them, soothes them, even if […]

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The Infinite Pain Cycle

What happens when we experience pain? A stubbed toe, a rolled ankle, a fall from the roof- the effects are the same. The Infinite Pain Cycle begins. When the pain first hits you probably string together a list of words that, individually, may not mean much but when said post accident make heads turn and the modest blush. You then want to relieve that pain. Maybe the swearing took care of the stubbed toe, but a rolled ankle needs more. You turn to good old RICE therapy- Rest, Ice, Compression, […]

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