#ShopSmall Sale November 25th, 2017

Join Studio Q 360 for the  #ShopSmall Sale in Adel, Iowa on Saturday, November 25th! Save 20-50% off Massage Gift Certificates & Gifts. Celebrate with free food & drinks, contests and giveaways. #ShopSmall Deals $45 for 60 Minute Massages $72 for 90 Minute Massages Limit 6 per named client and no expiration dates! The perfect gifts for friends, family, and yourself. The #ShopSmall sale is a great way to save on your monthly massages all year long. Holiday Massage Gift Baskets Select Gift Baskets will be on sale, in His […]

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Are You a Client, Customer, or Advocate?

Today, we look at the the different interest levels of massage therapy patrons. Are you a Client, Customer, or Advocate? Read below to find out where you fit in, and how you can help educate family and friends. Clients view massage therapy as a complementary treatment that helps relieve symptoms of stress and chronic pain.  They visit the clinic on a regular schedule to heal muscle injuries, improve range of motion, and/ or improve mental health.  Clients prefer the unique style and technique of Studio Q 360 and Licensed Massage […]

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Knots are the worst.

You say Knots, I say Trigger Points Fibrotic tissue masses or trigger points, more commonly referred to as knots, are the worst. These bundles of damaged muscle tissue refer pain throughout the body. Depending on your past massage experiences, you may think that hammering away on those knots with lots of pressure and high levels of pain is the solution. Not at Studio Q 360. My approach to trigger points is different, mainly because of science. Our bodies are made up of millions of tiny nerve receptors that help us […]

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