Discount Honors Massage Therapy Awareness Week

Celebrate¬†National Massage Therapy Awareness Week all month long with a special discount for first time clients! Schedule your first appointment October 16th-31st and save 15% off your first visit! Current Clients: Receive an additional 10 minutes of massage for each first referral that books in October! Now is the perfect time to learn about the benefits of massage therapy and schedule your first appointment at Studio Q 360 in Adel. Call now for morning, afternoon, and evening appointments (515) 689-4754. Check out these 25 reasons to get a massage from […]

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Massage or Cortisone Shot: Not Both

If you receive a Cortisone (or corticosteroid) shot, you cannot receive a massage from Studio Q 360 for 6 weeks following the injection. At Studio Q 360, your health and well being are my top priorities. As a licensed healthcare provider, it is my responsibility to first do no harm. That is why I have chosen to be cautious with regards to Cortisone Shots. Cortisone shots cause the muscle to atrophy, or waste away, for 1-6 months following each injection. (Yes, months.) Massage during the first 6 weeks following each […]

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Top 10 Ways to Save Your Feet From Summer Sandals

Summer is almost here and that means its Sandal Season! I love wearing simple sandals to outdoor events but I hate what they do to my feet, ankles, legs, hips, and posture for days following. Each season I hunt for good shoes, but it seems like an impossible mission. The shoes either look good and kill my feet, or the shoes feel like a dream and look like a nightmare. Let’s be honest, sometimes, style wins over comfort. So, how do we address the issue of sandals, heels, and flip-flops? […]

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Are You a Client, Customer, or Advocate?

Today, we look at the the different interest levels of massage therapy patrons. Are you a Client, Customer, or Advocate? Read below to find out where you fit in, and how you can help educate family and friends. Clients view massage therapy as a complementary treatment that helps relieve symptoms of stress and chronic pain.¬† They visit the clinic on a regular schedule to heal muscle injuries, improve range of motion, and/ or improve mental health.¬† Clients prefer the unique style and technique of Studio Q 360 and Licensed Massage […]

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Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy Updates

I accept that we are not 100% in control of our lives. There are situations, both minor and serious, that can prevent a previously scheduled appointment to work out. In these moments, communication is key. Thank you for respecting the Studio Q 360 schedule. Please call if you have any questions regarding these policies, or your next scheduled appointment. Studio Q 360 Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy Updates for 2017 24 hours notice is required for all cancellations or the full appointment fee will be charged. If an unexpected emergency arises […]

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Top 10 Topics to Share With Your LMT

Massage therapy can help resolve a myriad of issues, it can also make things worse. Check out these top 10 topics to discuss at your next appointment. 10. Poor Posture When you were a kid, your parents told you to sit up straight and stand tall. Now you’re the adult and its clear you’ve gotten out of practice. Poor posture is a visual indication that your muscles have adapted to physical demands. Militant force won’t help you achieve better posture, but massage can. By identifying weak muscles and learning a […]

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Why is it Important to Arrive Early to Your Massage Session?

When booking appointments clients often ask, “why is it important to arrive early to my massage session?” Some clients are used to being rushed through medical appointments and do not see the need to arrive 15 minutes early. The truth is, arriving early is for your benefit. Massage is Medicine, Not a Chore I believe Massage Therapy is medicinal, therapeutic, and rejuvenating- not exactly words I’d use to describe an oil change. Yet many people treat the session as a chore: running in at the last moment, rushing to get […]

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Knots are the worst.

You say Knots, I say Trigger Points Fibrotic tissue masses or trigger points, more commonly referred to as knots, are the worst. These bundles of damaged muscle tissue refer pain throughout the body. Depending on your past massage experiences, you may think that hammering away on those knots with lots of pressure and high levels of pain is the solution. Not at Studio Q 360. My approach to trigger points is different, mainly because I wouldn’t pay someone to hurt me, also because of science. Our bodies are made up […]

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Motivation is Key: Baby Steps to Success

Are you frustrated because you know in your head you could achieve your goals, but your body doesn’t seem motivated to take the first step? Motivation is an important key to accomplishing our goals, yet for some it is hard to come by. Maybe, its the type of motivation that is standing in your way. According to a modern interpretation of Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs, there are 8 tiers that must be satisfied to accomplish our goals. When the needs of a tier are not met, the person […]

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