Are You a Client, Customer, or Advocate?

Today, we look at the the different interest levels of massage therapy patrons. Are you a Client, Customer, or Advocate? Read below to find out where you fit in, and how you can help educate family and friends.

SQ360_ClientClients view massage therapy as a complementary treatment that helps relieve symptoms of stress and chronic pain.  They visit the clinic on a regular schedule to heal muscle injuries, improve range of motion, and/ or improve mental health.  Clients prefer the unique style and technique of Studio Q 360 and Licensed Massage Therapist Katrina Brocka.  Clients prefer to book all appointments in advance, and enjoy the use of multi-visit massage discounts.

If you’re interested in becoming a Client, visit the blog to read more about my approach and nature of care.

SQ360_CustomerCustomers enjoy massage occasionally.  Some treat massage as a luxury, others visit sporadically as care is needed.  Customers enjoy a good deal, which may lead to changing therapists regularly.  They may buy gift certificates for themselves or others, and often help promote upcoming events to their social circle.  Customers enjoy the the fluid technique of Licensed Massage Therapist Katrina Brocka, and the quiet, relaxing atmosphere of Studio Q 360.

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SQ360_AdvocateAdvocates may not enjoy massage therapy personally, and that’s OK!  Advocates of massage therapy help connect those in need with people who can help.  Advocates enjoy promoting small, local businesses and events by sharing news with others around the water cooler and online.  They may purchase massage gift certificates for others, offer a chair massage event for their employees, or help market Studio Q 360 when others mention the need for massage services in Adel.

If you’d like to Advocate for Katrina Brocka, LMT, visit the clinic to pick up a stack of business cards and learn how you can help educate others about the Studio Q 360 difference.

Calling all Clients, Customers, and Advocates! Studio Q 360 provides artistic, thoughtful, and caring massage for all ages by appointment only Monday-Friday, 10am-8pm.  Call (515) 689-46754 now to book your massage session!